13th of February

Luanda Pau and Jessica Angel


Time/Body/Space explores the body as the meeting point of our day-to-day reality and the sublime.

Using their own work as a starting point, Jessica and Luanda invite you  in a series of fun participative exercises

to experience your own body as the juncture of these realities

20th of February

Giovanna Rumma


Participants will be guided through a synesthetic approach to movement and music, allowing sound to move and resonant through the whole body. Passing by the Yoga of Sound, ashtanga yoga, Alexander technique, EVT method, balance exercises, choreography, and singing choreography to the release of emotions with shiatsu and acting exercises. These workshops will be conducted with an emphasis on play and discovering freedom in individual voices and movement.

27th of February

Eva Eklof Morkeset


This workshop is for everyone who wants to try something new, revitalize their creativity, and build confidence.  

We will be exploring the use of voice and body through drama games and also try some accessible and practical acting techniques.

You don’t need any previous acting experience to take part, just come along and have some fun in a friendly and safe environment.


6th of March

Carlos Cortes

Movement (Visual Arts)

We will use movement and visual references to explore the space around us.
We will practice “reading” architecture, mapping space, even “drawing” emotional journeys
Using all this layers of activity, and our interactions with each other, we are then able to unearth personal narratives.
We build together, we move as one, we weave collective visual tapestries. 

13th of March
Giovanna Rumma

We will be using practical explorations with sound combined with moving in space to deepen the experience of physical integration; we will be using improvisation to enliven and broaden our understanding of the material as it applies to moving actively, individually, and in a larger group process.


20th of March

Julie Havelund-Willett


This workshop will offer explorations of creative tasks that Julie developed during the 2020 lockdowns in response to concepts of touch, texture, and tactility.

Her research evolves around ways to create contact - physically and through looking - and how to find resilience and surprising discoveries within restrictions of being home-bound.

Coming out on the other side of a pandemic, these tasks and material offer a solid starting place for new ways to think about connections, the art of touch, and how we frame all these concepts.

Expect a fun warm-up, creative challenges, and a chance to amalgamate and share these processes and any material that emerges from the tasks.


27th of March

Mark Duncan


Commedia dell’Arte!

Commedia dell'arte is the is one of the world's most venerable forms of theatre, popular from the mid-Renaissance to this day, bringing us Punch, Pierrot, Columbine, Pantaloon and Harlequin. The combination of masked and unmasked characters, carefully constructed plays and improvisation, archetypal stock characters and individual flair, all heighten the excitement of applying comedy to the foibles and pickles of human nature. We will be working with leather masks made in the traditional manner by maestro Antonio Fava. 

3rd of April

Giovanna Rumma


Using previous sessions as an inspiration and stimulus to create short performance pieces; creative practice

10th of April

Garf Rees-Wells & Gavin Saville


On Camera

This workshop will find you learning a paragraph from a script creating a small scene, improvisation around it will be encouraged and if you are happy to you will be filmed for around 30 seconds to 1 minute on a professional camera by a professional filmmaker

24th of April

Eva Eklof Morkeset


We will continue focusing on various creative tasks and activities to build performances from scratch and approach different acting techniques/improvisation

1st of May

Agne Somaticas (Siauciunaite)


Authentic Me

This workshop will consist of body-mind exploration via movement and voicing. We shall seek inspiration from somatic practices (being present in your body, being kind to ourselves and others) and explore in more detail certain movement patterns, and awaken our natural awareness. We shall spend some time exploring the authentic self and organic rhythms our bodies present in the moment.  

8th of May

Garf Rees-Wells


Liar liar pants on fire

Today we will lie all day, we will use our imagination we will trick and deceive. We will act, we will reveal some truths, and will we learn to read one another? Will we learn to trick one another? Let's see...

15th of May

Offthe_Page Creative Practice

Final Meet up

We would like to invite all the participants who have taken part in Am I AN Actor workshops. Using this time to open the dialogue and give an opportunity for everyone to share their experiences. This meet-up is for EVERYONE to celebrate an INDIVIDUAL creative journey. We shall also share short footage with the participants created from one of the workshops.