From our recent community project 'Am I an Actor Performance Workshops' at Royal Wharf Community Dock, Newham part of the community grant program 'Create Your Docks' (November 2021 to May 2022) Supported by the Royal Docks Team


'What I appreciate most is that my personal journey became a collective one throughout the project. Whilst I did not join the workshops until a few weeks in, the newly established community, alongside previous ones very naturally felt welcoming. Not only are projects as these vital to community wellness, but a true undertaking in the demonstration of being the meaning of change within the regenerative spirit Agne facilitated. It is rare when participation collapses to become integrative expansion as found in this evolving community I've been a part of and observed. It has been a privilege. Further, the approach to the workshops were varied and innovatively constructed to provide elements to the craft of acting that professionals, yet, everyday people could relate to and utilize in fun, and at times, deeply cathartic methods. In the various workshops, connectivity to ourselves, one another and what makes us so wonderfully human was embraced, encouraged, and celebrated. It would shock me to discover that anyone who attended the workshops left without feeling their overall well-being had not improved. As we are transitioning into new norms since the pandemic arose, focus on mental, emotional, and physical well-being have beckoned us all into restoration, and a reminder of the great importance of harmony within our bodily systems as to better refine the external ones. Projects as Am I an Actor surpass the mere fun workshop offering people a Sunday activity. It generates a springboard for well-being in manners which position one to reflect and take healthier action...even in the in-between times found in stillness. This special quality is unique in its ability to solidify longevity whilst adaptability ensues within what may be described as a form of "satsang" come manifest. As an individual who has faced a few health issues, I've found the workshops quite essential in its existence. In this, latitude to accommodate people with varied health conditions was a natural product of conscious understanding in the leadership set forth, and embodied within the group at large' (Me Sun B)

'Excellent, inclusive, educational... Safe, warm environment, allowing us all to blossom in different ways' (Tareshvari R)

'I really enjoyed it! It has been great for so many reasons: great fun, a great way to learn new skills and to socialise with a diverse bunch of people. It has also been a great way of getting to know the Royal Docks!' (Lidia E)

'It was very hard for me to start with to open up and drop my barriers. But the wonderful people attending the workshops and the amazing artists have made this experience so easy! Yes, absolutely. As a parent, it is very challenging to do something for me, as I always prioritize my children's and my family's needs. The fact that once a week I was able to do something just as Natalia was absolutely wonderful!' (Natalia W) 

'The workshops were amazing, really helped me ease into a more creative, fun head space after having 3 kids in 4 years! A great space for me to 'just be' l, to experiment, try new things, be free to make a mistake in this non-judgmental space of learning, and explore individually and together as a group. I also enjoyed having time away from my kids and the responsibilities of mum hood. Also, I have met some amazing people whom I now call friends in this amazing creative, non-judgmental community of people from all backgrounds. I felt a lot more relaxed and playful, 'lighter' and more energised after the workshops' (Hana M)

'I really appreciated the opportunity to stretch/flex outside of my comfort zone. Especially loved anything with a heavy focus on movement. Doing something new and meeting like-minded others, and I think particularly the movement focussed sessions were emotionally nourishing' (Gwen R)

From our previous workshops:

'These workshops pushed me far outside my comfort zone, challenged my perception of my own abilities, and generally made me a stronger and happier person.

They also made me a firm believer in the value that acting can bring to anyone’s life, so here are the top three reasons why you should try acting at least once in your life' (Sofia B)

'Agne and Garf have created a creative and open space where I felt welcome to move in new ways and experiment with performing for the first time on a stage. The group they brought together is supportive and encouraging of everyone's individual learning. The variety of different workshops throughout the program was so inspiring to me. It allowed me to experience different types of movement, which helped me understand more about what I prefer, and where I'd like to go next' (Roxana B)