"Agne and Garf have created a creative and open space where I felt welcome to move in new ways and experiment with performing for the first time on a stage.


The group they brought together is supportive and encouraging of everyone's individual learning. The variety of different workshops throughout the programme was so inspiring to me. It allowed me to experience different types of movement, which helped me understand more about what I prefer, and where I'd like to go next.

Being nudged to make a performance at the end is challenging but infinitely more rewarding - it brought me so much confidence and curiosity for trying it again and again."    


AmIaDancer/AmIanActor: Roxana B.


"I took a series of six workshops in East London (more info at the end of the post), which finished last Saturday with a full day of filming for an independent documentary-style short.


These workshops pushed me far outside my comfort zone, challenged my perception of my own abilities, and generally made me a stronger and happier person.

They also made me a firm believer in the value that acting can bring to anyone’s life, so here are the top three reasons why you should try acting at least once in your life. 

Acting like a fool in front of a dozen strangers takes guts but even though I’ve heard many times before that acting makes people more confident, I wasn’t quite prepared for all the different ways in which I would experience this newly found self-esteem.

Since I started taking the workshops I’ve noticed that I am more relaxed and outspoken at work, more comfortable in unfamiliar situations, and don’t have a problem anymore with speaking to strangers.


If you have confidence issues, no matter how big or small, acting will help you overcome these by constantly challenging you to do things you’re uncomfortable with and teaching you to be a better communicator".   

AmIanActor: Sofia, B.

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