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Am I an Actor (5 week course)

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About the workshop:

We thought of an opportunity for adults to come and enjoy acting processes without prior experience in acting for 5 weeks, weekly. This is for anybody who always wondered what it feels like to be surrounded by people who simply enjoy a little bit of acting. We do improvisation, games, character building, script writing, looking into various acting techniques and methods. It is certainly a very fun and relaxed environment without any judgment whether you have done this before or not. The idea is to invite various artists to lead each workshop with a possibility of learning something new. This term we have invited the following:

  • ‘The Psychological Gesture’ with Mark Duncan
  • ‘Character Investigation’ with Eva Morkeset
  • ‘A Physical Workshop’ with Geoffrey Williams
  • ‘A lesson of acting’ with David Gaela
  • 'Acting Processes' with Richard Banks
  • ‘We will act, we will play’ with Gareth-Rees White

Workshop Times: 4.00pm – 6.00pm

Workshop Dates: September 2018

AmIanActor Workshop

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