Giovanna Rumma - Am i a Singer - Entire term

Is very important to increase the energy in our body through the pleasure and the joy of life: play and enjoy every moment'.

AmIaSinger help people that need a strong structure to enjoy life. This workshop is suitable for anyone and everyone to strengthen the connections of their voice and body with a short series of sessions will help to connect more actively with your breath and body, the foundations of your voice and creativity.

Giovanna Rumma is a Singer. Singing is her life force. From the piano bar, to the opera and musicals, to coaching. After obtaining a master's degree in EVT he began studying the power of sound vibration and song connected to the body and spirit. She attended seminars Yoga of Sound, shamanic singing, Healing Sound. Her work is focused on the power of the voice as a means of liberation, emotional expression and mental efforce. 

Claudio Meloni - Am i a Singer - working with Gio

The center of our bodies contains our emotions: The Emotion is the key. The vehicle for communicating, at any level of expression, and is the proof that you are in harmony with yourselves and others.

I have always thought that talent is necessary in art, yet it must be supported by technique. Other people can comment on your talent, but you cannot tell whether you have it or not. Therefore, the only option you are left with is studying much.

This is why I have spent my life ‘a la barre’ and dancing; not only studying with the best instructors in Rome and abroad, but also continuing to develop and widen by myself the knowledge I had gained. My professional commitment has never hindered my studies and my participation to stages and courses held by popular teachers– I believe one always has something to learn from people with different artistic backgrounds. I often smile and say “do not fear mistakes. If you cannot do something, I will take care of it, you simply do and enjoy what you are doing”. Too often have I seen talented people give up dancing because of old school and boring methods. Serenity and fun are key to get the best out of students. I do not know why this works, but it does for me.

Garf Rees-Wells

Am i an Actor - 2018

Gareth Rees-Wells has been fascinated by people (inc himself) observing and social science. Often found talking and looking in a mirror from an early age he would question how what where when and why? He attended EYPA, Sullivan's stage school & The Essex Group and progressed into acting and directing as a teenager creating various sketches for stage and performing in a number of musicals and plays.


Later Gareth studied at the University of East London in Theatre studies developing his understanding of the acting process, writing and later film & Photography

After years on foot meeting various characters from around the world Gareth began taking and collecting photographs and writing stories to which later he planned to adapt for screen and stage.


Once graduated Gareth became a member of the Directors cut now in his Fourth term he is transferring his understanding and desires to explore screen.


Active: Gareth also organised and runs Offthe_page a community arts company based in bethnal green and forest gate inviting adults to participate in Acting process, Dance/ Movement and singing workshops. These are available for any hoping to explore the arts and create.


This is all topped up and fulled with work as an Actor and supporting artist, running for film / tv production, photographic film and commercial

Agne Siauciunaite - Am i a Dancer - 2018

5Rhythms is a dynamic movement practice – a practice of being in your body – that awakens creativity, connection and community. Somatic Practice – somatics teaches us to use awareness as a guide to improving mental, physical and emotional health. These two movement art forms are connected as both practices inspire us to experiment with our bodies by revisiting our emotions, feelings, personal journeys and experiences. This workshop invites everyone to reconnect with your body and mind: re-visit, reflect, remind ourselves how our bodies have been constructed and why we move certain way'

Agne studied in Lithuania learning various ways of creating solo performance. Attended Music School. Become part of Contemporary and Hip Hop Dance School. She was also part of the folk group (dance and singing) since she was 5 years old. Since she moved to UK, graduated from University of East London with the Undergraduate Degree in Community Arts Practice, where she would create short documentaries, study dance, theatre studies and arts management, community based projects. Her personal interest is short film making in the realm of dance and movement, somatic practice education and 5 Rhythms.

Silvana Maimone

'Through play we make discoveries. During play, we are in the moment, we are real, we react with honesty, we connect. This workshop is about finding the play and joy of using our imaginations to allow us to start creating characters and worlds that entertain and absorb.'

Silvana is a London based actor, singer, performance deviser/improvisor and facilitator, with many years’ experience working in live and recorded performance. She trained both in London, at Ecole Philippe Gaulier, and prior to that at the John Bolton Theatre School in Melbourne, Australia. That training included Physical Theatre, mask, clowning, and collaborative devising'.


Along with performing in various shows and films, she also creates her own work and collaborates with others to devise performances. She has worked in traditional theatre settings as well as one to one interactive pieces, immersive and site specific theatre and walk about performances.

Eva Eklof Morkeset - Am i an Actor - 2018

'I have a great passion for teaching and performing, and that has been my main line of work for the last twenty five years. Although most of my teaching work has been in Norway, I started out teaching in London and worked here as a freelance drama teacher for several years in combination with my acting work'

Throughout the workshop we will - work with fun group exercises to develop self esteem, creativity, flexibility, story- telling and spontaneity. Work on self exploration and communication. Learn some vital techniques that actors use, including voice work and physical exercises to develop voice and body awareness, both in life and on stage. Understand how to use your own experiences to develop a character. Work on scenes we crate ourselves or from theatre and film.

Actress and drama teacher. Trained in Copenhagen (Scandinavian Teaterskole) and England (Lee Strasberg and RADA). Worked 12 years as a freelance actor in London. Founded and was artistic director for Comeinandsitdown, a theatre company producing mainly contemporary work. Moved to Norway in 2001 and worked there as a freelance actor; the last two years playing the title role in “Mother Courage”, touring Norway and Russia,  and “Oda, A Hell of a Woman”, a one woman show, touring Norway and Spain. Had a main part in the Spanish/Norwegian feature film “Frost”.

Julie Havelund-Willett & Agnese Lanza

AmIaDancer: InterPares Project: what remains?

Agnese Lanza and Julie Havelund-Willett are London-based Dance Artists from Italy and Denmark, both trained in contemporary dance and working as dancers, teachers and choreographers.

Inter Pares Project launched in November 2013 as part of a residency at S P A C E @ Clarence Mews, London. Since then, the work has been performed in different venues in the UK and Italy. Inter Pares Project has held international residencies and taught workshops to a wide range of participants. We are exploring different ways of engaging the body in physical activities, which generate choreographic material. The focus is on the act of describing, listening, watching and remembering. Without adding any narrative or emotive layers, we aim to discover a sense of authenticity in the body and the focus.



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Rachel Overd

AmIanActor: 'Character Building' workshop

Graduated from Hertfordshire Theatre School in 1999 and Rose Bruford College in 2015. Gained Credit in various children's shows, Theatre, Voiceover, Film and TV projects, including BBC projects; Prisoners and Lifeschool. Whilst doing this I earned money training and working with offenders and incorporating Drama, leading to to obtain a Masters in Dramatherapy in 2013. In 2016, I performed a self written piece in the final at the London Monologue Slam. Since this time I have focused on my writing and though I still undertake acting work, I  am currently in the process of writing a TV sitcom. For my main job (to pay the bills) I continue to facilitate Dramatherapy and therapeutic improvisation sessions with traumatised adults and children. ​

Alfons Grabher

Awareness Through Movement Workshop

We're going to study the elusive obvious, marvelous basics of movement, in a calm and relaxed manner. We're going to roll some volunteers heads and shoulders, probably do some fun movement sequences suitable for dancers, actors and people who love to move. No prior experience necessary, everybody is welcome. This will improve your way you look at movement and maybe reality in general.

Austria based Alfons Grabher is a Guild Certified FELDENKRAIS® Practitioner of Somatic Education. He also is a graduate engineer specialized in biomedical engineering. He works with clients in person, runs group classes, is author of several books, and publishes videos on YouTube (channel name "Feldenkrais With Alfons”).

David Galea

Logical Acting - 2018

I personally see acting like a variety of physical and psychological components logically put together in order to connect and transmit emotions to the audience.

Those many little components need to be trained separately and individually. However, awareness of which components we naturally master and those that we lack of are crucial to understand in order to set your acting training on the right track. 

Mastering all these elements and put them into action at the proper time and need will make the audience feeling connected from start to end.

Regina Hofmanova - 2018

Regina started studying and dancing tango 20 years ago having furthered her experience in Buenos Aires with famous teachers such as Aurora Lubiz and Claudia Bozzo

In this workshop we will explore Argentine tango principles of leading and following, work with personal space, both entering and abandoning it . We will work in pairs for most of the workshop, alternating between partners and roles regularly. Finally, we will develop short sequences applying the principles we will have learned with special focus on musicality. Participants will be asked to bring socks for this practice

Regina studied contemporary dance and choreography at the Performing Arts Academy in Prague. As a choreographer and movement director she has worked on a number of opera productions, musicals, independent projects and commissions. Most recently on the tango inspired 'Après rasage’ for the National Moravian Silesian Ballet in Ostrava. She has also created video installations. Year was exhibited at the Bargehouse in London as a part of the Maze exhibition. Her dance film Steadfast was screened at a dozen festivals worldwide including the prestigious San Francisco Dace Film Festival, Minimalen/Multiplie and many others. She has choreographed tango/contemporary routines for Candide, Man and Boy Dada and her own productions ( Tango for 5 etc.). Throughout her career she has collaborated with professional dancers, singers, actors, dancers with mental disabilities.

Eliza Soroga

Butoh and Pefromance Art

This workshop will focus on dance improvisations and reflective discussions. Lead from Butoh inspired techniques we will work on how as performers ‘move the space’ rather than ‘move into the space’ learning to encounter external forces and qualities to guide internal movement. Slowing down will allow the body to travel through metamorphosis using the voice as an instrument to approach the unconscious. Using performance making techniques we will devise work in groups in a site-specific manner, incorporating the architecture of the space. The toolbox will include ensemble devising techniques to move as one body, diverse internal voice works together with compositional skills that will inspire you to make your own work in performance. 


Eliza Soroga is London based performance artist from Athens, Greece. She holds an MA in Performance Making (Goldsmiths University of London) and in Cultural Theory (National University of Athens). She has trained in Jacques Lecoq’s physical theatre technique and Butoh dance. Her work is considered mainly as site-specific and explores the dynamic method of shaping everyday life into a performance. 

Veena Dhulipala - 2018

AmIaDancer: Bharatanatyam dance style is an interpretive narration of legends and ideas

Veena is a passionate dance teacher with over 10 years teaching and choreographing experience. Veena has been training in dance, (in particular Indian classical dance, Bharatanatyam - Kalakshetra Style) since the age of five but has also accomplished other dance disciplines such as Ballet, Bollywood, Salsa, Contemporary, Street and Break dancing and have performed at many notable locations such as: Saddlers Wells, The Place, The Queen’s Golden Jubilee Parade, Logon Hall, The Queen’s Theatre, The South Bank and at various events throughout the UK and Europe.  

Bharatanatyam originated in Tamil Nadu, it is believed to be one of the oldest dance traditions in India dating back to 2nd Century. This dance style is an interpretive narration of legends and ideas. The workshop will teach you a short history of the origins of this dance form as well as the meaning behind the intricate hand gestures, (mudras), the bold footwork, and enchanting eye movements of Bharatanatyam (Indian Classical dance) through an exploration of the basic steps of the expressive story-telling style and a short routine which is choreographed by Veena. The workshop will finish by exploring the boundaries of dance by amalgamating two or more existing dance styles together such as Bharatanatyam and Street dance. This new style was founded by Veena after many years of choreographing and teaching both styles of dance. 

Lesley Brown

AmIaDancer: By making connections with different art forms and transforming these into dance and movement, it is hoped that everyone will find this artistic process an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

'I am Lesley and I have over twenty years ‘ experience in teaching dance and movement.  In that time, I have taught children and adults of all ages in schools, children’s centres and with people over sixty in hospitals.  I have also performed solo and in dance groups.  I am continuing to teach freelance, which includes facilitating dance workshops'.

In this workshop, we will be looking at interesting ways to create choreography.  All participants will, firstly, be given the ‘tools’ of movement, these being time, rhythm, differing movement qualities and different ways to use the space around
us.  With these, we will then work in pairs, using planned and improvisational methods.  In the second half of the workshop, we will be working in groups, using images, stories, words, (i.e. poetry and quotes) music/sound and small props, as sources of inspiration.  All groups will have a chance to perform their creations and be the audience, in turn. We will create dance from stories and by using abstract methods and everyone will learn the two very different ways of working.  At the end, we shall create a one group dance piece, making a dance ‘collage’.  By making connections with different art forms and transforming these into dance and movement, it is hoped that everyone will find this artistic process an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Mark Duncan

AmIaDancer: Clowning Practice

Mark trained at the Birmingham School of Acting, The International School of Corporeal Mime, Sélavy Actor’s Centre and Bretton Hall-Leeds University. He was a founder member, performer and director of ‘Dragonfly Mime Theatre’, ‘X Moves the Bass Dance Co’, ‘Faceless Co’ and Cornucopia Theatre Company, performing at prestigious theatres and festivals throughout the U.K, New Zealand, Indonesia, Mexico, Korea, Brazil, China, & Mongolia.

Mark has acted in numerous films, for BBC television and a string of theatre companies.

Mark has been director, actor and co-producer for six Cornucopia productions and facilitator/teacher on numerous performing arts courses for young people and adults.

Cornucopia Theatre produces new work, eclectic theatre and ground-breaking presentations of classic plays and genres. In addition to mounting professional productions, Cornucopia is committed to performing arts education and international professional development workshops for performers.

Roxani Eleni Garefalaki

AmIaDancer: I have been always looking for the connections between art and healing. I am interested in how to help people find mindfulness in their everyday activities and learn to use their bodies in a way that minimises pain and discomfort and allows freedom in motion.

Roxani is a movement Instructor, director and performance artist from Athens, Greece based in London. She is an Alexander Technique teacher and Teaches Tai Chi and QiGong emphasising on their healing and meditative properties. She uses a holistic approach to performance combining movement with sound, in order to explore the connections between art and healing. She specialises in Butoh and slow motion performance using symbolism through movement and investigates the ability to transform collectively the sense of the dimension of time by creating space through the use of organic movement.

The Alexander Technique is a method with which we become aware of our habitual misuse of ourselves; teaches us how to be free of unwanted tensions; how to connect all aspects of ourselves (we call it our ‘psychophysical unity’) and direct the system as a whole to live in harmony and balance. 

Continuing my explorations on my teacher's (Moeno Wakamatsu) unique Butoh style 'Sculpting Time', and my previous workshop's theme 'Breathing Qualities' and 'Sensing the Invisible’, in my workshops I focus on strengthening the psychophysical awareness and on how to experience mindfulness in movement.

In my Movement classes, I work with the principles of the Alexander technique and using exercises from QiGong and Tai Chi and games from Butoh, I guide people to delve into the dimension of time in a unique way, by exploring new body - mind connections and full presence in the moment through movement.

Ruth Valensi

AmIaDancer: Feldenkrais Movement Practice

Ruth is an Israeli performer, dancer, and Feldenkrais practitioner. Upon completing her studies at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance in 2005, she began working with a variety of Israeli dance companies, independent choreographers and the Israel Opera. In 2008 became a member of the Vertigo Dance Company and worked there as a dancer, teacher, and rehearsal director of the Vertigo International Dance Program. During that time in 2009 founded the Axis Syllabus Israeli Hub, inviting teachers from all over the world to intensive workshops including Frey Faust and Kira Kirsch. Ruth is also a mother to Rafael and Adam.

The Feldenkrais Method® is an educational system that uses movement to teach self-awareness and improve function. Awareness Through Movement® (ATM), consists of verbally directed movement sequences presented primarily to groups. In ATM lessons, people engage in precisely structured movement explorations that involve thinking, sensing, moving, and imagining. Many are based on developmental movements and ordinary functional activities. Some are based on more abstract explorations of joint, muscle, and postural relationships. The lessons consist of comfortable, easy movements that gradually evolve into movements of greater range and complexity. This class does not require any prior experience and is suitable for all ages.

Alexandra Borys

AmIaDancer: 'I usually use my experience in Body Mind Centering, Authentic movement and Tuning Scores'

 Freelance choreographer, artist, teacher. My works include installations, video works, silk prints, staged dance, choreography for drama theatre, teaching movement classes

Aleksandra Borys graduate of MA Art and Science at Central Saint Martins- University of the Arts in London; BA Dance/Performer Codarts – University of Arts in Rotterdam, Holland and National Ballet School in Łódź, Poland. In 2015 received The Research Scholarship from Grazyna Kulczyk. In 2014 artist in residence during „For every gesture another character” exhibition in Art Gallery in Poznan, there she created interactive choreography ”Air Mapping”. She received a grand “Mloda Polska 2014” for her new research on walking art, the final outcome „Movementscape” installation was presented in Poznan. (more information on

Natalie Sloth Richter

Floor Work Technique

'Natalie Sloth Richter is a Danish dancer and choreographer, trained at Trinity Laban. 

Alongside performing, creating and presenting her own work, she has established a teaching practice that brought her to Belgium, Italy, Denmark and Sri Lanka where she worked both with professional dancers and children and youths with various disabilities. 

The workshop she is leading for AmlanDancer will look at the relationship between the body and the floor, exploring ease and efficiency getting in and out of the floor, using it as a partner and a counterpart. The workshop will be fun and challenging and will give the participants the opportunity of activating the full range of their physicality.'

Jenny Hill

AmIaDancer: Feldenkrais Practice

'I trained in contemporary dance and choreography. I've always been interested in improvisation as a way of exploring and finding ones own individual movement vocabulary. Im a Feldenkrais Practitioner (somatic mind/body practice)- this also informs how I work with the body'.

Rachel Eireann

AmIanActor: Mike Leigh and Michael Chekhov techniques

The class will be an exploration of developing characterisation. Using condensed techniques from Mike Leigh and Michael Chekhov we will look at how the body and the background of a character can inform a performance. And how that translates to screen.  'I have a BA in Theatre and Performance from Goldsmith's University of London and an MA from Royal Central School of Drama where we specialised in Michael Chekhov and Stanislavsky, with a particular focus on screen acting.  Since graduating last year I have founded and direct for a film production company. Our first short is currently on the festival circuit and has so far picked up one 'Best Narrative Short' award and achieved semi-finalist for another'.

Geoffrey Williams

I think it’s a great initiative, sharing the process of theatre making with people who’re not from a theatre background. What we do can seem rather mystical and arcane, and so often I hear people say “I could never do that”. But I see the twinkle in their eyes and I think: if only you had a chance to try, you might love it. 

Who’s afraid of Shakespeare? I am. A lot of actors are. But we don’t need to be. And we certainly don’t need to have expert knowledge of Elizabethan verse to tackle the bard. And it doesn’t have to have anything to do with becoming a professional performer (although it could be the first step). It could just be a personal exploration, a hobby or whatever. Just something to do for fun.

In this workshop we’ll use one of Shakespeare’s sonnets as provocation for a performance. We’ll learn how to swim in the text without fear, and delight in the juicy language. We’ll release ourselves physically and seek to touch, if only for a second, the hugeness of emotion in the sonnet. 

Dan Swinton

AmIanActor: Sanford Meisner technique

This workshop will focus on acting sensitively and reciprocally, using a stage area and some dialogue. We will build up this skill with a sequence of exercises designed to increase the actor's ability to listen and respond physically and vocally. Many practitioners have worked to build authenticity into the stage-life of performers and the workshop will make use of some of their approaches. It aims to provide a basis for further experimentation and development.

Facilitator – I am interested in working further in the field of theatre facilitation and building on my experience of this role. I want to use theatre as a tool for social good since I believe in its power as a form that provides a ritual space for expression and consideration of important ideas. The process of theatre creation is culturally vital and sadly remains largely the province of trained actors. I have facilitated several projects that have shown me the potential of theatre to engage and transform those involved in it. I look forward to developing my practice.

Frank Wurzinger

Clown - 2017 Play and Presence on 27 & 28th of January

Acting little or no experience -
Clown- Play and Presence. You gotta come its a blast!

Frank: 'I am an experienced theatre maker, teacher and performer with a passion for facilitating play. I have extensive industry experience and have toured my own and other people’s shows. I teach clown, devising, improvisation, solo/group performance and storytelling to young people and adults from all walks of life'. "Every human being is a clown but only few have the courage to show it." - Charlie Rivel. Clowns might be simple and truthful or outrageously and joyfully over the top and always play with a sense of pleasure. We are looking of ways of staying optimistic and finding the game in the worst situations. Through a series of movement exercises and games we liberate ourselves from blocks and inhibitions to find the freedom to be ourselves and play with anything. We explore the edge of what is acceptable? How do we individually make people laugh? When does comedy become tragedy? 

Amy Mauvan

AmIaDancer: Butoh practice

Amy Mauvan is a New Zealand artist who combines her somatic and contemporary dance training to develop individual and genuine ways to train and perform. Bringing tools from her background in Butoh and Body weather and personal choreographic explorations. 

Olissa Francisco

AmIaDancer: This fusion workshop is inspired by the rich and layered South African music and movement style, and draws from the technique of Traditional West African dance, and the feeling and vibe that is House movement.

At five years old, Olissa’s dance journey began with contemporary training and rigorous ballet technique. After a childhood at the academy, and a small break from dance altogether, she returned to the dance world in University continuing ballet, contemporary and jazz, but was fortunate enough to be introduced to traditional West African. Instantly consumed by the style, she has since dedicated her training to movement originating in Guinea, Ghana, Senegal, and Brazil, among others.

Leo Mann

AmIaSinger: Recording your voice is another way of making music

'Im Leo a singer, composer based in South East London. I am an experienced singer on stage and in studio. I compose my music and can also sing covers. I am passionate by music and arts. Workshop structure: theory and practice of breathing, warm up, recording your voice: mode, colours, effects, harmony, composition.

Peter Revel - Walsh

AmIanActor: Focusing on emotions through physical activites

A character actor, voice over artist, creative: will be looking at method of accessing emotions that does not require you to remember
traumatic experiences or to delve into your own memory to relive what things felt like.
I shall show you a way to access real emotion through your own physiological state, rather than
from emotional recall. 6 basic emotions and how to access them using simple techniques allowing you to show real emotion without emotional recall and without emotional residue.

Jordan Turner

AmIaDancer: Forces in movement

'Forces in movement: an exploration into how we can use different forces to create movement structures and scores as both soperformers and in a group. The aim is to gain more confidence using our bodies as storytelling tools and physical devices. 

Jordan Turner is an actor specialising in physical theatre and devising. He is the Artistic Director of The Outbound Project and has taught Physical Theatre workshops across the country.

Nell & Den Edwards

AmIaSinger: Folk music, harmony, composition, improvisation

Nell and Den are Musicians from Essex playing a range of instruments from the guitar, harp, melodeon, bodhran and whistle for over 20 years Den & Nell have been involved in the folk & blues music community, playing in various bands including 'Jacob's creek' & 'Whatever next'. Most of the music they enjoy playing is accompanied by traditional folk and blue song of which due to the nature and love for the music community in folk blues, clubs and festivals they both continue to practice, learn .

Jon Davison

AmIaDancer/Actor: Clowning

Jon is a clown performer, teacher, director, researcher, writer and musician with 30 years experience. Co-founder in 1993 of Companyia d’Idiotes, he has toured festivals, theatres, tents, streets and bars throughout Europe from Sicily to the Arctic. He trained at the École Philippe Gaulier and Fool Time Circus School (Bristol). He currently runs regular clown training workshops in London (London Clown School), around Britain (Cambridge, Bristol, Brighton) and internationally (Peru, South Africa, Lithuania). He was a co-founder and co-Director of Studies at the Escola de Clown de Barcelona in 2006 and previously taught clown, impro, and acting at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona from 1996-2006, and was a Research Fellow investigating clown training at Central School of Speech and Drama (University of London), where he is now a visiting lecturer.

He is the author of “Clown Readings in Theatre Practice” and “Clown Training, a practical guide”, both published by Palgrave Macmillan and is currently writing a new textbook with video for Bloomsbury Methuen entitled “The Clowning Workbook”.

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