Natalia Voight

Improvisational theatre, often called improvisation or improv, is the form of theatre, often comedy, in which most or all of what is performed is unplanned or unscripted: created spontaneously by the performers

Nataila is a practicing workshop leader and graduate of Michelle Danner acting studio Los Angeles and the university of Birkbeck London where she studied Drama

Improv has some rules and general points I would like to teach people, for example: always saying yes to everything; delivering specific information at the beginning of the scene to make the work for yourself and your partner easier; focusing on space and body work; or finding different ways to deliver information and more.

Improv and games - 27th of February

Frank Wurzinger

'I am an experienced theatre maker, teacher and performer with a passion for facilitating play. I have extensive industry experience and have toured my own and other people’s shows. I teach clown, devising, improvisation, solo/group performance and storytelling to young people and adults from all walks of life'. "Every human being is a clown but only few have the courage to show it." - Charlie Rivel. Clowns might be simple and truthful or outrageously and joyfully over the top and always play with a sense of pleasure. We are looking of ways of staying optimistic and finding the game in the worst situations. Through a series of movement exercises and games we liberate ourselves from blocks and inhibitions to find the freedom to be ourselves and play with anything. We explore the edge of what is acceptable? How do we individually make people laugh? When does comedy become tragedy? 

clowning and movement - 5th of March

Giovanna Rumma

This workshop is suitable for anyone and everyone to strengthen the connections of their voice and body with a short series of sessions will help to connect more actively with your breath and body, the foundations of your voice and creativity. It is very important to    increase    the energy in our body through the pleasure and the joy of life: play and enjoy    every    moment.

Giovanna Rumma is a Singer. Singing is her life force. From the piano bar, to the opera and musicals, to coaching. After obtaining a master's degree in EVT he began studying the power of sound vibration and song connected to the body and spirit. She attended seminars Yoga of Sound, shamanic singing, Healing Sound. Her work is focused on the power of the voice as a means of liberation, emotional expression and mental efforce. 

voice and projection - 12th of March

Gareth Rees-Wells

I have always been interested by the mundane and everyday environment  that surrounded me growing up. The postman, the milkman, the rubbish men, (persons) the waiter, waitress, the cook, the cleaner, the builder, dustmen. I started to look more at myself and how i was communicating with people, who was i what was my group? if any. Often confused, acting and not quite being myself. Having the desire to experience a variety of lives one found he was most comfortable socializing with strangers or being alone in a run down establishment surrounded by strangers. Cafes, pubs, library's.

I used these experiences to help me to loosen the anxiety of performance in acting and be human. 

workshop - being human (we will create and perform a scene with a professional camera person and sound technician)


Active: Acting for TV and film and theatre - Graduate of UEL

Co-founder and Facilitator for offthe_page workshops and events


Being human- 19th of March

Silvana Maimone

Silvana is a London based actor, singer, performance deviser/improviser and facilitator, with many years’ experience working in a live and recorded performance. She trained both in London, at Ecole Philippe Gaulier, and prior to that at the John Bolton Theatre School in Melbourne, Australia. That training included Physical Theatre, mask, clowning, and collaborative devising'.


Along with performing in various shows and films, she also creates her own work and collaborates with others to devise performances. She has worked in traditional theatre settings as well as one to one interactive pieces, immersive and site specific theatre and walk about performances.

'Through play we make discoveries. During play, we are in the moment, we are real, we react with honesty, we connect. This workshop is about finding the play and joy of using our imaginations to allow us to start creating characters and worlds that entertain and absorb.'

Melodrama acting - 26th of March

Agne Somaticas

5Rhythms is a dynamic movement practice – a practice of being in your body – that awakens creativity, connection, and community. Somatic Practice – somatics teaches us to use awareness as a guide to improving mental, physical and emotional health. These two movement art forms are connected as both practices inspire us to experiment with our bodies by revisiting our emotions, feelings, personal journeys, and experiences. This workshop invites everyone to reconnect with your body and mind: re-visit, reflect, remind ourselves how our bodies have been constructed and why we move certain way'

Agne studied in Lithuania learning various ways of creating solo performance. Attended Music School. Become part of Contemporary and Hip Hop Dance School. She was also part of the folk group (dance and singing) since she was 5 years old. Since she moved to the UK, she graduated from the University of East London with the Undergraduate Degree in Community Arts Practice, where she would create short documentaries, study dance, theatre studies and arts management, community-based projects. Her personal interest is short film making in the realm of dance and movement, somatic practice education and 5 Rhythms.

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