Giovanna Rumma

Giovanna Rumma: I began singing technique at the age of 16 and I have the Licence of Certified Master Teacher in Estill Voice Training. I spent my last ten years studying my voice and its connection with dance, acting, feelings emotions, body and spirit. So I worked to know other techniques like Alexander Technique, participating in various workshop about acting, voice and movement.

Jon Davison

Jon Davison has been a clown performer, teacher, director and writer for the last 30 years. He taught clown, improvisation and acting at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, he became a co-founder of the Escola de Clown de Barcelona. He was an AHRC-funded Creative Fellow investigating contemporary clown/actor training at Central School of Speech and Drama, where he is now Visiting Lecturer and researching clown performance.

Nell and Den are Musicians from Essex playing a range of instruments from the guitar, harp, melodeon, bodhran and whistle for over 20 years Den & Nell have been involved in the folk & blues music community, playing in various bands including 'Jacob's creek' & 'Whatever next'. Most of the music they enjoy playing is accompanied by traditional folk and blue song of which due to the nature and love for the music community in folk blues, clubs and festivals they both continue to practice, learn and

Silvana Maimone

Silvana Maimone, London based actor, singer and performance deviser/improvisor with many years’ experience working in live and recorded performance. 'I have devised many projects from provocations such as literature, music, story telling and other such like material. I trained both in London, at Ecole Philippe Gaulier, and prior to that at the John Bolton Theatre School in Melbourne, Australia. That training included Physical Theatre, mask, clowning, and collaborative devising'.

Peter Walsh

A character actor, voice over artist, creative: will be looking at method of accessing emotions that does not require you to remember traumatic experiences or to delve into your own memory to relive what things felt like. I shall show you a way to access real emotion through your own physiological state, rather than from emotional recall. 6 basic emotions and how to access them using simple techniques allowing you to show real emotion without emotional recall and without emotional residu


Agnese Lanza and Julie Havelund-Willett are London-based Dance Artists from Italy and Denmark, both trained in contemporary dance and working as dancers, teachers and choreographers. 'We are exploring different ways of engaging the body in physical activities, which generate choreographic material. The focus is on the act of describing, listening, watching and remembering. Without adding any narrative or emotive layers, we aim to discover a sense of authenticity in the body and the focus'.

Leo Mann

Im Leo a singer, composer based in South East London. I am an experienced singer on stage and in studio. I compose my music and can also sing covers. I am passionate by music and arts. After having studied Philosophy, International Law and Human Rights, finalized my master degree and realized my internship at the High-Commissioner of Human Rights of the United-Nations at Geneva.

Jordan Turner

'Forces in movement: an exploration into how we can use different forces to create movement structures and scores as both solo performers and in a group. The aim is to gain more confidence using our bodies as storytelling tools and physical devices. Jordan Turner is an actor specialising in physical theatre and devising. He is the Artistic Director of The Outbound Project and has taught Physical Theatre workshops across the country.

Olissa Francisco

At five years old, Olissa’s dance journey began with contemporary training and rigorous ballet technique. After a childhood at the academy, and a small break from dance altogether, she returned to the dance world in University continuing ballet, contemporary and jazz, but was fortunate enough to be introduced to traditional West African. Instantly consumed by the style, she has since dedicated her training to movement originating in Guinea, Ghana, Senegal, and Brazil, among others.


Alex Igbanoi

Frank Wurzinger

Frank, clown and facilitator have led workshops for a variety of diverse groups including professional and amateur actors, dancers, refugees and at drama schools and universities. 'I trained with Franki Anderson who has a background in Laban and I use movement to unlock a sense of joy and playfullness. As Clowns we learn to enjoy our individual ways of moving and expressing ourselves rather than acting or putting on a routine.'

Gareth Rees-Wells

Graduating from UEL theatre, writing & directing. Gareth continues to explore the arts in TV Film stage and production as a support artist and production assistant featuring & working on over 200 different TV series, films, adverts, corporate film and internet broadcasts. Keen to continue his involvement in the industry with a craving to direct he was invited to join the Directors Cut at Southwark Playhouse where he is now working on his 4 term as a credited Director. Practice 'World Humour'

Agne Siauciunaite

Agne Siauciunaite, London based dance artist from Lithuania focuses on interpretative movement practice. Agne searches inspiration from already existing and new emerging movement practices along with other art forms such as site specific, film making, theatre. 'My practice is a constant research, I never know the final piece I'm going to create, everything depends on my feelings, space, people, sound. I am influenced by so many factors, I'd like to share this with others'.

Dan Swinton

Actor, director, facilitator. This workshop will focus on acting sensitively and reciprocally, using a stage area and some dialogue. We will build up this skill with a sequence of exercises designed to increase the actor's ability to listen and respond physically and vocally. Many practitioners have worked to build authenticity into the stage-life of performers and the workshop will make use of some of their approaches. It aims to provide a basis for further experimentation and development.

Amy Mauvan

Amy is a New Zealand artist who combines her somatic and contemporary dance training to develop individual and genuine ways to train and perform. This workshop is developed using key elements from Butoh and Bodyweather training systems working with mindfulness internal landscapes and space. we will begin bringing together mind and body through MB tasks and using imagery we will explore new ways of moving.

Geoffrey Williams

Freelance theatre director and playwright. "I think it’s a great initiative, sharing the process of theatre making with people who’re not from a theatre background. What we do can seem rather mystical and arcane, and so often I hear people say “I could never do that”. But I see the twinkle in their eyes and I think: if only you had a chance to try, you might love it. And it doesn’t have to have anything to do with becoming a professional performer. It could just be a personal exploration a hobby

Ian Hathway

Ian has been dancing for a decade now, and cannot imagine life without it. It began with ballroom and Lindy Hop classes, and it wasn't until he went a summer without that he realized he couldn't stay away for long. African American vernacular dances form the core of Ian's knowledge and expertise, with a heavy focus on Lindy Hop, Blues, Charleston, and solo jazz. He has recently finished his Master's in Ensemble Theatre, focusing his dissertation on African American vernacular dance.

Natalie Sloth Richter

Natalie is a Danish dancer and choreographer, trained at Trinity Laban. Alongside performing, creating and presenting her own work, she has established a teaching practice that brought her to Belgium, Italy, Denmark and Sri Lanka where she worked both with professional dancers and children and youths with various disabilities. The workshop she is leading for AmlanDancer will look at the relationship between the body and the floor, exploring ease and efficiency getting in and out of the floor.

Mark Duncan

Mark has been director, actor and co-producer for six Cornucopia productions and facilitator/teacher on numerous performing arts courses for young people and adults. Mark trained at the Birmingham School of Acting, The International School of Corporeal Mime, Sélavy Actor’s Centre and Bretton Hall-Leeds University. He was a founder member, performer and director of ‘Dragonfly Mime Theatre’, ‘X Moves the Bass Dance Co’, ‘Faceless Co’ and Cornucopia Theatre Company, and much more!

Rachel Eireann

'I have a BA in Theatre and Performance from Goldsmith's University of London and an MA from Royal Central School of Drama where we specialised in Michael Chekhov and Stanislavsky, with a particular focus on screen acting. Since graduating last year I have founded and direct for a film production company. Our first short is currently on the festival circuit and has so far picked up one 'Best Narrative Short' award and achieved semi-finalist for another.'

Nell Edwards

Morris Dance Practitioner and Musician

Sara Page

Sara is a performer and theatre-maker. She is co-artistic director of Trip The Light theatre company, which has created two original movement-based productions ('The Sun Shining On Her Hands'; 'Not Goodbye') for various venues in London and Birmingham since its founding in April 2015. Sara is also a youth theatre teacher and freelance movement workshop facilitator, fusing her classical dance background with contemporary and lyrical dance styles as well as physical theatre techniques.

Jenny Hill

Jenny Hill trained in contemporary dance and choreography. Jenny has always been interested in improvisation as a way of exploring and finding ones own individual movement vocabulary. Im a Feldenkrais Practitioner (somatic mind/body practice)- this also informs how I work with the body.

Olivia Furber

Olivia works as a theatre director both freelance and as co-artistic director of ivo, a theatre company who create inter-disciplinary theatrical experiences. In 2016 they toured nationally with In the Vice Like Grip of It, a new play exploring invasive government surveillance. As a freelance director she has worked with York Theatre Royal, Theatre Hullabaloo &The Lowry and as a movement practitioner/facilitator.