Giovanna Rumma

Giovanna Rumma

AmIaSinger: Body & Soul Workshop - Entire term 2018

Claudio Meloni

Claudio Meloni

AmIaSinger: Body & Soul Workshop

Am I a Singer for adults. No experience needed. Anyone welcome aged 18+

We invited professional artists from Glorious Italy - Giovanna Rumma and Claudio Meloni to lead Am i a singer workshops. Each combine singing and movement with the purpose of facilitating the emission of the sounds through the creation of a strong and versatile physical structure, in order to obtain a higher expression and communication through the instruments: body and voice. (in simpler terms, they will find your voice)


Am I a Singer consists of collective and individual exercises: concentration, listening and interpretation, through which will try to bring the item to the highest physical expression. This workshop is intended for people interested, studying or showing interest in the fields of movement therapy & education, the performing arts, singing, songwriting, health and wellness. People who enjoy a genuine curiosity and passion for learning will find it of great interest.

To book your space use the payment and ref details below

Dates: January 2018

Time: 1-4pm

Cost: £50 (full term 5 weeks)

Drop in: £15

Payment details: s.20-45-45 a.40189359 / ref: singing

Address: Stratford, Newham, London



Once you confirmed your place we cannot issue you a refund in case if you are unable to attend all 6 workshops as we are non profit and soon as we have enough members we use all funds to book venues and industry guests / practitioners for the entire term, to run the workshops we need to meet a minimum participation. This in turn allows us to create this wonderful journey for you and us. We ask that you to attend all 6 workshops for maximum benefit.


At the end of the last workshops we will have a two hour sharing space this is for those who wish to share anything they have learned/ developed from the workshops. We would encourage you to invite all your lovely friends and family (optional)