Performance workshops for adults 18+


Local communities and residents have been invited to participate in 12 workshops who were Interested in ACTING SINGING  MOVEMENT with no previous exeprience 

We invited everyone to meet up and play!


from 13th of February to 8th of May 2022

(no session on the 17th of April)

FREE for residents of the London Borough of Newham INCLUDING The Royal Docks



Royal Wharf Community Dock

2 John Harrison Square, Royal Wharf, London E16 2ZA


We invited participants to attend 12 workshops where we combined performance-making skills: voice, movement, and acting. No experience is required. This workshop was for adults who would like to become part of the creative practice and performance-making community. 


Our workshops are led by various artists, industry professionals: actors, writers, directors, theatre-makers, dancers, visual artists, designers, voice artists. A space to shape their own artistic vision. During our workshop, you will be introduced to various acting styles, movement techniques, voice and breathing exercises, and alternative ways of creating performance. We would like to offer you a space where you can improve performance-making skills, enhance your creativity and boost your energy and mood. Our aim is to support the personal growth of our participants through the use of movement, acting, voice, and performance making.



Offthe_Page Creative Practice's mission is to create arts and well-being opportunities for people to come together and play a more active part in their community, encouraging positive social change.



This project was being delivered to help build a vibrant local scene for community arts and help develop local peoples’ creative skills.

Supported by the Royal Docks Team to help ensure local communities are at the heart of the area’s regeneration.



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