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Our Story

Offthe_Page Creative Practice has begun its journey when Agne and Gareth met at the University of East London, both were studying BA Theatre Studies and Community Arts Practice. After organizing numerous projects, they both realized their share common goal: to establish the space to dance, sing and act without judgment, create a space where anyone could participate, and have an opportunity to meet industry professionals. It has become an experimental platform for adults who have possibly had a desire to dance, act or sing, but have never had a chance to. "This is exactly how it works, we meet guest artists who have an opportunity to run each workshop and meet our participants. In a way, we are in between facilitators to make this happen. Our first workshop 'Am I a Dancer' has started in September 2016, the response from participants was so positive, we have continued running these workshops and introduced 'Am I an Actor' and 'Am I a Singer' as the result. We have paused our workshops during UK national lockdown and looking forward to reintroducing and meet old/new faces to continue this beautiful journey. Our aim is to create a commune, where everyone feels welcome and is able to share their inner child where they can be immersed in play, movement, and voicing. It is also an opportunity for our guest artists to share their material, practice whatever they are working on. We hope to see you very soon!'.


We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.