AmIaDancer Workshops

Am i a Dancer ?

AmIanActor Workshops

Am i an Actor ?

AmIaSinger Workshops

Am i a Singer ?

AMIANACTOR/ 15Th july/ 2pm @ eastbourne house arts/£15 

amiadancer/ 16th september/ 12pm

@ the Rag Factory

£15 or £55 membership

New Term starts in Summer 2019 (dates to be confirmed)
Course Cost - £50
Drop in rate - £15 per workshop; book your workshop in advance!
All workshops run the same day for 5 weeks -
Am I a Dancer 10am-12pm
Am I a Singer   1pm- 4pm
Am I an Actor  5pm-7pm
Term start may be delayed until we reach minimum participation

Participants must be on time respectively for the practitioner leading the class and the other participants. We recommend arriving 15 minutes early to avoid any of the above 

Location: Stratford, Newham Borough
15 spaces per workshop
Payment Details: 20-45-45 / 40189359 / offthe_page Ref:dance, Acting or singing
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